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I'm a Gonna be givin' a Speech at Hopewell Farms

Updated: May 27, 2019

It's comin' upon the Summer Solstice Charity Benefit at Hopewell Farms, a therapeutic Mental Health Farming Community in Northeastern Ohio. I was asked to give a short speech about my time there and my story of recovery from Bipolar Disorder. I'm excited!!! It's quite a high falutin' event which my wife, mother and I will be attending as honored guests. As I was practicing my speech I received an email from Ann, who puts together the CompassPoints newsletter for Hopewell, asking if she could write an article about me...needless to say, I was all in!...and I MADE THE COVER!

You can read my story and a reference to a few of the lyrics to the song "A Tribute to Hopewell Farms" (which can be heard on: Manic Impressions: The fine art of being Mentally Ill album on the this site's music page heavymentalmusings.org/music): just click on the CompassPoints Newsletter link below to see the article:


To Learn more about Hopewell click below:


There was always Breakfast where I could Sing (and play harmonica) w/ the Hopewell Band!!!

Hopewell has lotsa natural good food to lift yer mood!

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