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Yale offers Science of Well-Being course online for FREE!!!

If you are anything like me you have a hard time with (too much) isolation. During this Pandemic we find interesting ways to entertain ourselves like playing beer pong off of our cabinets, teaching our pets to kneel while they sing the national anthem or making goofy TikTok videos with your Quaranteens. What if I told you that you could do something online that is free, gives you a purpose and boosts your resume BIG TIME!!!

What I'm referring to is a website called Coursera.org where you can take legitimate courses online on just about any subject from some of the top universities in the world with prices ranging from free to about $50 depending on whether you want to audit the course or work towards a certification. There are courses that can move you towards a degree like Bachelor's and Master's credits as well. Some of those have a moderately low monthly fee (but they make the price clear and you can always bow out of the subscription if it no longer appeals to you... no contracts.)

They have many Computer and IT training courses and other technical courses as well as courses from Ivy League Schools such as Princeton, Penn. and Yale. There are courses from other prestigious universities like Duke and Stanford as well. Many courses are on business, personal development and Psychology. There are even courses on health and Covid-19 by Johns Hopkins University, known as the go to University for the most up to date findings in health research. Probably the best thing about these courses, is they are equal opportunity, and, although you can get financial aid for larger programs such as certifications or Mastertrack, you don't need to jump through any hoops like entrance exams or essays and such.

I'm currently taking three courses that are free or have a one time fee : Science of Well- Being by Yale (Yes!!! the Ivy league school), Science of Success by Univ. of Michigan and The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness by University of Toronto. The first two by Yale and Michigan I paid $48.99/each because I wanted a certificate. Both Yale and Michigan are two of the toughest schools to get into and known to have some of the most reknowned programs in the world but, again, no hoops to jump through... just the desire and enthusiasm to learn. Surprisingly, though, these two courses are not extremely difficult as far as understanding their content. They are actually enjoyable and they offer flexibility in when assignments are due.

I'd like to think that they want us to feel smart by making it interesting rather than dumbing it down and stamping the Yale name on it so us "normies" will feel better about ourselves. The Yale course, actually, has become the school's favorite course with almost 4 million students enrolled online and in person combined, or were enrolled in the past. I soon found out why. It's not extremely technical at all. It's more of a personal (especially mental) health course overall, as well as research, readings and video lectures that can be directly applied to improve well being... It's taught by a Yale Cognitive Scientist and Professor of Psychology named Laurie Santos. She's pretty young and seems to be very down to earth. As soon as she referenced G.I. Joe I knew I would like her and the class. Something I found humorous was that most of her students in the video had never even heard of G.I. Joe. I guess age may be part of the battle. Sometimes I forget how old I am lol.

If you would like to get some insights or Pros and Cons to online learning, Check out a pretty unbiased review of a few different learning platforms below:

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know what I am up to and the interesting ways I am making myself more marketable in this tough economy. I'd like to say I'm at least keeping my mind occupied while keeping hope alive. If you would like another website learning platform that offers a whole crapload of Courses check out Udemy.com. I have purchased quite a few of their courses as they are often on sale $11.99, rather than over $100.

As I hope you can see there are multiple ways to pass the time as you make good choices to keep you and your loved ones healthy, wealthy and wise.... or at least healthy and focused on good things. I hope this reaches you well during these scary times. Stay Safe and Happy Studying : )

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